Our Alerts and Consequences feature allows you to set rules for when you get notified of your Child’s activity and in what situations “consequences” will apply. Consequences include putting your children’s devices into sleep time or hiding mobile apps.

Children will break the rules, they will attempt to bypass filtering.  We can’t stop that, what we can do is let you know when they are doing it and help apply consequences when they do.

What are Alerts & Consequences?

This is a feature of Internet filter & rules which allows you to set circumstances in which would like to:

  1. Be alerted of risky or inappropriate activity;

  2. Apply a consequence for the activity such as temporarily blocking your child’s internet access. 

What alerts are there?

The following alerts are available:

  • Notify me if Family Zone is tampered with

  • Notify me if device operating systems are violated or jailbroken

  • Notify me when any new apps are installed

What Consequences are there?

The following consequences are available:

  • Disable all apps for 60 minutes if Family Zone is tampered with

  • Disable all apps for 60 minutes if hazardous apps are installed

  • Put users into “sleep” time if the Family Zone app is removed

  • Put users into “sleep” time if their device operating systems are violated or jailbroken

I regularly get the same Alert. What can I do?

If you are constantly getting the same Alert, you may wish to set a “Consequence”.  

It may also be because the controls are too strict or that they wish to do improper things.  Talk to your child and find out what they are trying to access and adjust controls accordingly.

TIP: Read our help guides to find out How to: manage consequences.

Can I turn off the alerts?

Premium customers are able to modify the Cyber Expert Profile default settings for alerts turning them off or on for the different Age Groups .

TIP: Read our help guides to find out How to: manage alert emails and Cyber Expert Profiles.

How do I deal with regular misbehaviour?

Breakdowns in behaviour are an opportunity to communicate and engage. Check out our guide to dealing with misbehaviour.  

What does “Family Zone is tampered with” mean?

On iOS (Apple) devices children can toggle “Connect on demand” in the VPN settings in an attempt to bypass settings.  Don’t worry, we have an anti avoidance measure to correct this, however if they continue to do this we will notify you by sending an email, creating a Red Alert and Red Flag.  

TIP: Read our help guides to find out more about the RED ALERT: Family Zone may have been tampered with.

What’s a Hazardous App?

Hazardous apps are installed on devices with the most likely intent to bypass filtering and monitoring in schools or our systems..

These include VPNs, web proxies, screen recorders and keyloggers.  It would be very rare that a child has a legitimate to have these installed on their device.

TIP: Read our help guides to find out more about the RED ALERT: Hazardous App found.

What are violated or jailbroken devices?

Devices that have been violated or jailbroken allow users to install uncontrolled apps.  These apps can not only interfere with our ability to protect the device, but they are often dangerous.

TIP: Read our help guide to find out more about the RED ALERT: Device has been violated or jailbroken.

What happens when the “Disable all apps for 60 minutes” consequence is applied?

On an iOS device all non iOS apps are hidden from view and cannot be seen on the device.  After 60 minutes they are returned to the screen.  When the apps return they come back in alphabetical order and not in the folders they may have been in, so be careful about applying.

On Android devices the apps are visible however if the user tries to open them they get a warning page advising them that the app is blocked.

On both device types the user is able to use the phone and send text messages.

Can “Disable all apps for 60 minutes” apply to laptops?

No, only iOS (Apple) or Android devices that are being protected by Family Zone. 

What happens when the “Put users into “sleep” time” consequence is applied?

The user who owns the device on which the Family Zone app has been removed or the device is violated/jailbroken is changed to permanent sleep time.  This means that any other devices that the user owns that are protected by a Family Zone App or a Home Zone box will not be able to access the internet.  If the user reinstates the Family Zone app on the affected device then it will also be in sleep time.

We are unable to put devices into “sleep” time once the Family Zone app is removed.

Does the sleep time consequence apply to Laptops?

Yes, when they incorrectly remove Family Zone from Laptops it will trigger the consequence and those devices will be impacted if the user is put into sleep time.

Can I cancel the consequence?

Yes, you can cancel the consequence once it’s been applied to the device or user.

TIP: Read our help guides to find out How to: cancel the sleep time consequence and How to: cancel the hide all apps consequence.

How do I remove the Family Zone app from a child’s device correctly without putting the user into “sleep” time?

You should remove the Family Zone controller through your online account or the Family Zone app installed on a parent device first.

TIP: Read our help guide to find out How to: remove devices from your account.

Feature Compatibilities

Alerts are available to Insights and Premium Subscriptions.  The ability to modify alert settings and turn on consequences are available to Premium Subscriptions.