Smartphones offer a vast and expanding range of features such as cameras, screen capture, voice recording, video calling etc. These features can create dangers for our kids such as the ability to access and share inappropriate media and personal pictures. Accordingly our Cyber Experts have set recommendations for each age group's access to these features. These recommendations will be inherited by you in Cyber Safety Profiles if you choose a Cyber Expert.

Device Feature restrictions are only available on devices with an active Family Zone App installed.

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Restrict access to device features

You can stop your kids using the camera or screen capture.

Restrict access to apps and in-app purchases

You can restrict the ability to install Apps and use in-app purchases.

Restrict access to iTunes content

You can block explicit content available in iTunes. 

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Things you need to know

apple, ios, ipad icon What can be restricted on compatible iOS (Apple) Devices

  • Installing apps
  • Camera
  • Screen Capture
  • In-App purchase
  • iTunes Store
  • Explicit music and podcasts


android, google icon What can be restricted on compatible Android Devices

  • Installing apps
  • Camera
  • Play store

apple, ios, ipad icon android, google icon Only compatible iOS and Android devices supported

The Family Zone Device Controller works on most popular iOS and Android devices. Search for compatible devices above. 


Jail-breaking is the process of removing limitations on iOS, Apple's operating system for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and second-generation Apple TV. Other operating systems can similarly be compromised. Jail-breaking and the like are against manufacturer's terms of use. There is typically no good reason for your child to 'Jail-break' their device. If they have it is most likely to access unsafe Apps or to circumvent the Family Zone App.  If you have installed the App on your kid's devices then you will be notified if they compromise their operating system. In this circumstance we urge you to immediately remove the device from your child, reset it and engage with them on safe use of technology. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I restrict device features?

Device features can be restricted for each cyber safety profile under the Settings > Age profile controls > Select Age profile > Device features.

I restricted device features on my child's Android device but they can still open it, why hasn't it worked?

Android restrictions work differently to an Apple device. On Android, the feature may still open however an error message will pop up on the screen on it will not function correctly. For example, the Play Store will load and users can search for apps but it will not download any apps if app installs have been disabled.

My child wants to download an app but they can't, how can I let them do this?

If you have app installs restricted for your child's device, you can borrow the device to a parent which will remove the restrictions. Once the app has downloaded, end the borrow and hand the device back to your child.

I have previously restricted my child accessing the App Store on their Apple device, will Family Zone override this setting?

No, Family Zone cannot change the restrictions which have been set on the device previously. To remove this setting in the Apple device, open the Family Zone App or and borrow the device to a parent then open settings and change the restrictions. End the borrow and hand the device back to your child.

If i disable camera access, will apps that require the camera still work?

No, if the camera access has been disable by Family Zone, any apps that require camera access will also not be allowed camera access.