A mobile app is a software application developed specifically for use on small, wireless computing devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers. Mobile apps serve all sort sorts of purposes from gaming, collaboration, business, banking and so on. Controlling what apps your kids use and when is becoming the highest priority issues for parents.

Many social networking providers offer their services through an installed app but also through websites. Controlling access to one without the other is pointless. Family Zone takes a comprehensive approach to controlling apps allowing parents within one place to filter access to social sites (for when your kids accesses them through a browser) and block/restrict access to the related apps (where your kid accesses them through an installed app).

This guide describes how our Controlled Social feature works.

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Block risky and unsafe social networks

Allows you to block social networks that have behavioural issues and risks.

Limit access to popular social networks

Allows you to limit the time periods which specific social networks can be accessed.

Better quality sleep

Leading sleep specialists suggest kids get offline at least one hour before bed time. This is especially true of social networks and game.

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Things you need to know

filter iconControlling social access is enhanced with the Mobile Zone App

Family Zone's Social Network controls uses web filtering to block and allow social networks. Web filtering is provided by all Family Zone services. On Android devices Family Zone's App uses more advanced technology to restrict App access.

apple, ios, ipad icon  android, google icon  Only compatible iOS and Android devices supported

The Family Zone Device Controller works on the most popular iOS and Android devices. Search "compatibilities" in Help. 

jail, prison icon Jail-breaking

Jail-breaking is the process of removing limitations on iOS, Apple's operating system for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and second-generation Apple TV. Other operating systems can similarly be compromised. Jail-breaking and the like are against a manufacturer's terms of use.

There is typically no good reason for your child to 'Jail-break' their device. If they have it is most likely to access unsafe Apps or to circumvent the Mobile Zone technology.

If you have installed the Mobile Zone App on your kid's devices then you will be notified if they compromise their operating system. In this circumstance we urge you to immediately remove the device from your child, reset it and speak with them regarding the safe use of technology.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need the Mobile Zone App to control access to social networks?

No. However, if you're kids access the internet on networks other than a Family Zone Box, then the Mobile Zone App is required.

Can I ask for more social networks to be added?

Yes. Raise a ticket through our Help menu in the Family Zone Web Account.

Why can't I control YouTube access?

The Family Zone allows you to enforce Google's explicit restrictions on search and YouTube. These restrictions are not perfect however they are strict.

Can I provide unrestricted access to YouTube?

Yes. You can select to apply these restrictions by selecting Disable YouTube & Google Search Restrictions on your Cyber Safety Profiles. Go to Cyber Safety > Controls > Categories.

Can I block Skype?

Skype traffic is one of the most difficult to identify and block. We can only reliably block Skype by blocking all internet traffic for the user. Typically these settings will block Skype for a particular age Profile. Block these Filter Categories for the relevant time periods:

  • Social
  • Required Web
  • IP addresses
  • Web Accounts