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How to Register a Family Member

My Family

  • Access through: Side menu in Family Zone Web Account or Zone Manager App
  • Menu: My Family
  • Add User (icon with +)

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Things you need to know

Make sure you check Calendars & Routines

When we register your Family Members they will be assigned a default Calendar and Daily Routine. We recommend you review this and adjust it to suit your family's lifestyle including capturing coming vacations.

Do not setup your kids as "Parents"

Do not configure your children with Parent Access and do not give your kid's/users access to your Family Zone Account. Only parents should have access to the Family Zone account and family settings. Your kids/users do not need access to the Family Zone Web Account or Zone Manager App in any circumstance.

Change your kid's PINs

It is unnecessary to provide your users with PINs unless they need to borrow family devices. Ensure your kids keep their PINs private and change them occasionally.

Everything can be changed

If you made a mistake creating a family member, all the settings can be changed. Click on the family member, then select Settings and Account and make the necessary changes.

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