If you have incorrectly included someone in your family, or if a user has left your family and their cyber safety settings are to be managed by someone else.

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How to remove a user from your family

Log into the Family Zone Web Account or Zone Manager App;

  • Select: Relevant family member
  • Select: 'Account' from options
  • Function: Remove from my family

Note: Only the zone owner (main parent) is allowed to remove family members, additional parents will not have the remove option.

Note: Any devices connected to the user need to be re-assigned or cancelled through the Devices menu located under Home Network before you are able to remove the user.
Note: Removing the user will convert the family member to a Guest profile. To completely remove the user, you will need to remove them from the Guest accounts as well. Once removed from your family a user is available to be adopted into another family. If you have made a mistake, you can re-register the user back into your family.