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Portal usability issues

So my son's Microsoft Teams sessions with school don't work on the filtered WIFI. He tries to connect to meeting and can't.

Ok, so I think, well I can just check the blocked connections in portal -> insights -> usage -> blocked traffic / myson / last 24 hrs. And helpfully it's organized into lots of individual sections. So I have to click through 87 categories to see what might be relevant. Can't filter by device... or reduce the time range to like 10mins... or search the results. It's just a nightmare usability wise. Who thought that UI up?

But say I did find some suspect blocks... like "????" buried in category 56 and wanted to add explicit whitelisting for them. I jump over to Settings -> Age Profile Controls -> websites and type in ""... and what does the editbox contain? Well... "" of course... when in the hell? I know I typed it right, I checked 5 times to be sure... but the javascript is eating the characters. Maybe it didn't get breakfast? This is basic UI 101... really simple stuff that is just broken. Don't mess with the user's typing. EVER! Read the value in the editbox, never WRITE it.

The market for a better version of Familyzone is wide open. Someone is going to step in and make a user friendly version that does things right and then you'll be competing on the back foot. And maybe they'll deal with the HTTPS hole properly. Unlike Familyzone.

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Oh and sometime this century pls add search device by mac address. Even your support staff want that. Another glaring usability issue.

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