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You Tube Error: This video is restricted. Try signing in with a G Suite account

My kid received this error message when trying to access video from CrashCourse as part of school assignment:

"This video is restricted. Try signing in with a G Suite account".

Is this because the restriction set in Family Zone? I don't have issue accessing the same video when accessing the network outside of Family Zone.

I have the same issue, to get around it I've changed the search and media streaming settings for the age profile to allow mature and uncategorised content during school hours, seems to do the trick. FZ may need to adjust youtube settings since the 1 Jan 2020 changed youtube made? 

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Thanks for the tip, Mick. I have allowed "Mature and uncategorized" content during study time and it works.

Had the same issue guys, and it fixed the problem, but I don't think it is really the best idea to have this type of mature content available during any hours, never mind school hours. Do you know how we can tag the FZ admins in the posts to have this issue addressed? Or is it more of a Youtube issue do you think?

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