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Remote schooling

Will the ‘School’ setting ensure children can work normally while attending school remotely. Do we need to make any adjustments?

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I found I needed to block a lot of things that are not school related to stop my son watching YouTube or playing games the whole time.

Originally I had to specifically allow the school education platform, Edmodo so he could do his homework while he was physically attending school.

Zoom is blocked under Remote Access Tools?

How do i ublock it???

Hi Justin,

You might need to add as a specific website allowed during school time (and whatever other time you want).

In the Age Profile settings for the age profile relevant to your child/ren, go to "Websites" and add as a specific website. You will be able to specify which type of time allows access to the Zoom website there.

I haven't tried this specifically for Zoom, but I have a list of other websites I have allowed in particular times for my son. For example, I had to add because the school uses that as its work portal.

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