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unable to access NAS and windows networking

I have just installed a familyzone box to my netowork.

My set up consists of a Telstra NBN technicolour router with ethernet connection from LAN port to the familyzone box WAN port - which are located in a communications hub in my bedroom wardrobe.  From there I have 4 linksys routers all in bridge mode connected to the ethernet LAN ports of the familyzone box.  These are spread across the house providing WAPs all using the same ssid and password so I can move about the house and maintain good wifi coverage.

I now have functioning filtered wifi.  But I have only limited access my synology NAS, which is connected to one of the linksys switches via ethernet cable.  I can access the NAS's administrative page by entering its local IP address, but cant access the file directory using windows file explorer.

When I am connected to the filtered wifi network, windows file explorer will not populate the network folder, but it is populated using an unfiltered connection directly to my Telstra router.  I have added the NAS as my own device with adult content filtering

Using the unfiltered wifi network on my familyzone box is not a viable option for me as wifi signal attenuation across my large double brick house is problematic and my media/TV/NAS location is at the opposite end of the house to my communication hub.

Des anyone have any suggestions or settings that I have missed?


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Hi Andrew, 

Thank you for your query. With the NAS it may not be populating due to being on the filtered network, as the filtered network does block some ports. Have you tried connecting the NAS to the unfiltered Family Network and seeing if the NAS populates, just to test it is not the ports which are blocking population? Would it be possible to extend the unfiltered network via an extender and then attach the NAS, if it does populate on the unfiltered network?

Kind Regards, 

Jay - Consumer Support

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