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How do you choose the right cyber expert for you?

Hi, we are looking at subscribing to Family Zone. I couldn't find anywhere much about the different cyber expert in terms of what they filter. For example, expert A might have a more liberal approach to gaming while expert B might have a more conservative approach regarding sex education website filtering. Is there anywhere that outlines more about the cyber expert apart from their qualifacitons and experience?

Thanks, Paul.

Hi Paul,

You can find more information about our Cyber Experts by logging into portal and going to Settings > Cyber Expert and selecting Learn more. From there, you can select to view their websites and social media pages.

Our Cyber Experts only provide the default filtering rules for each age profile, you may override these to suit your needs. 



Consumer Support Agent

We parents simply do not have the time to go trawling through pages of fine print and detailed prose to determine WHAT each content security service believes, LET ALONE compare them all.

Can't you have a single page comparison table we can just refer to?

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