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Can’t access google accounts

My 14yo can’t log in to her google account. What setting needs to be changed to allow this to work? Thanks

Check email isn't blocked in settings, age profile controls, web categories. 

Family Zone Support is contactable on 1300 398 326 or at between Monday - Friday 6am - 11 pm AEST. 

You can also schedule a callback when you have the device available and we can troubleshoot or help with setup.

Thanks, I’ve checked that emails are allowed but not sure what else could be causing it

Hi Leini,

From looking at your settings, emails appear to still be blocked.

To fix this, you will need to: 

  • Log into
  • Settings > Age profile controls
  • Select Children (9-12) from the first drop down
  • Scroll down and toggle Email filters to blue


Terence C

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