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Family zone stopping internet at school

Both my kids have been told by IT at Emmanuel Catholic college that they need to remove FZ for internet to work at school, something to do with a DNS number. It is a school that is listed so not sure what to do?

Hi Matt.

I've created a ticket for this issue. 

Someone from Familyzone will contact you shortly regarding this issue.

Best regards, Timothy Maclatchy.


This is my problem too. Our son is at St Bedes College in Christchurch. This is where we went to hear the online talk and were introduced to Family Zone. I have recently loaded it onto his laptop and he is unable to connect to the school wifi. It says "no internet secured". I have loaded the wifi onto the safe list - stbedesbyod but it still doesn't let him use the school wifi. I have his routine set to school for those hours and play for 3-7.30pm.

Thank you


Hi Katrina,

Family Zone does not block connectivity to wifi.

The "No internet, secured" error is a common issue with Windows, especially Windows 10. The school IT department may be able to fix it.

here are some steps you can take to solve the error: and 

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