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Costs explained

Can I please have costs of setting up the family zone package explained. I’ve just committed $99 up front, confusing after I’d read it was free for 6 months then $5.95p/m thereafter; and now told I need to purchase the home box for another $69. Lack of clarity and information up front is not instilling me with confidence in your integrity.

Am I correct in deducing that the family zone box is included in the up front fee, and will be on its way?

Hi Julia,

You have purchased the Safe Family Bundle which comes with the Family Zone Box and a 6-month subscription.

After this first 6-months you will be moved to our monthly $5.95 plan.


Terence C

Thank you Terence. It was confusing and alarming when directed to pay for the box again. I understand more clearly now. Warm regards Julia
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