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Multiple Users on Android devices

Hi. I have just come across an issue where I have familyzone installed on my daughters android device which is working as expected but if she is away from home and connects to other access points (ie. not connecting to the FZ box at home) and then creates another user account on her android device, the familyzone filtering DOES NOT apply. She is able to access whatever she wants for as long as she wants.

I guess I would have expected that when the device has familyzone installed on it, it would apply to all users on that device, even newly created user accounts.

THIS IS A MAJOR ISSUE since it basically nullifies any point of having FZ installed. Please advise.



Hello Troy,

I looked into your account but just need some points of clarification to assist me with troubleshooting;

1. Which child is having this problem?

2. What is the name of the device?

3. What model of android phone are we working with?

4. Mobile Zone is otherwise installed on the device?

Lastly, can you please elaborate on 'created a new android user profile'? Mobile Zone is a device wide app, so a new profile should not be affecting it.

Thank you in advance,

Jayden T

CSR Team

So the device in question belongs to Eden. The device is a Samsung Tab A with Android version 7.1.1. The Samsung Experience Software version is 8.5. The device name is "Jellybean".

Mobilezone is installed on the app under the original user profile. BUT when a new user profile is created on the device it sets it up with only the default apps that originally come with the device. If we logon to the original user profile it has mobilezone installed. Other user profiles do not have it installed.

A quick google search reveals this is a feature introduced by google since Android 4.2.2 and seems to be only for tablets not smartphones.

On the tablet under settings -> Accounts, there is an option for Users. Selecting "Users" shows me the currently logged on user profile and also the other users profiles. It also allows me to create another user or delete existing users.

Hi Troy,

I think this issue would be best discussed with one of our support agents. Could you please call 1300 398 326 and one of our agents will be happy to assist in resolving the issue.

Kind regards,

Zac Jones

Family Zone

Actually Gareth has sent me a detailed email about how to "disable the ability to add guest profiles" which I am yet to work through but will post how I go in here when I get a chance to do through it.



So I had a quick go at this but the options detailed in the email from Gareth aren't available on the device. I'll have a more detailed look and if I continue to have trouble I will call the number above.



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