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Wifi Hotspot

My 12 year old is still able to use the phone wifi hotspot on her Chromebook, when the FZ One is in sleep mode. How can I fix this so she is unable to use the wifi hotspot at this time, or is there a way I can remotely lock this feature? Thanks

Hi James,

Unfortunately, we cannot block the hotspot feature on devices.

To prevent this, you will need to install Mobile Zone on the Chromebook by going to


Terence C

So any smart kid just has to activate his/her hotspot to completely negate Family Zone?

If you have FZ on the device it filters the hotspot too (I believe). If the delete FZ from the device you get notified.

That is pretty ordinary. You can set your kids phone so that they cannot use the camera if in sleep mode, so why can't there be a setting so that their wifi hotspot can't be used if they're in sleep mode? Is this something that the techs could work on for a future firmware update?

It took my kids about a month to figure out this workaround. I know I could just take their phones off them at night, but that is one of the reasons I got FamilyZone in the first place.

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