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Oversea travel

My son has gone to USA on a 2 week class trip, I instructed him to leave the sim card in his phone and keep it on flight mode while traveling. And he can use it when at the hotel with wifi. I have just checked on the family zone app and he has no usage showing for 2 weeks, and under his profile it says his phone is unprotected. Would this happen because of flight mode in a different country, or has he deactivated it somehow??
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Hi Matt,

I've had a look into your account and Mobile Zone is currently not installed on your son's device.

If the app was tampered with or removed you should have received an alert when this happened.

Because no alerts were generated, Mobile Zone may have been removed using your parent PIN or password.

I would advise changing your PIN and password and reinstalling Mobile Zone on the device.


Terence C

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