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Minecraft Skyblock

Anyone had problem with accessing Minecraft Skyblock using Family Zone Wifi? My teenage boy is having trouble accessing Skyblock, even though he can play the rest of Minecraft. Is there a rating for Skyblock ?

Skyblock has not been rated by Familyzone, our developers will look at adding it to our database.

To override filtering that is blocking a website: 

  1. In Familyzone portal, go to settings, age profile controls.
  2. Choose your child's age profile, select the websites category 
  3. Add the website and set the time periods you want to allow access.
Skyblock is run on multiple servers with different addresses. These are a few websites you could allow:
This is the original skyblock server 
This is a list of skyblock server adresses, you may want to add some of the popular ones 
This is a forum for skyblock discussions (optional) 

Thank you Timothy. Have you heard of It is related to Skyblock server. I am unable to override this site to allow my son to play on skyblock.
Detective M
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