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Activated box but only FamikyZoneSetup SSID is visable on wifi

I have just activated a new family zone box. I am now trying to connect my sons laptop to the new family wifi network. All we can see is an open network called “FamikyZoneSetup“. The new family wifi we just created is not visible. The family zone portal thinks it is all fine. If I try to re-setup the box it acknowledges that I have already set it up and then at “step 3: What fi settings “ I click on the next arrow and the browser hangs. - I am using my iPhone connected to the modem wifi.
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Hi Gareth, it looks like you have 2 accounts set up with the Home Zone box registered on one and not the other, which maybe why the box is acknowledging a Home Zone box already set up. This will require us to  troubleshoot over the phone so we can confirm your details in person and remove the registered Home Zone box. You can call our support line on 1300 398 326 and we'll be happy to further assist. Kind Regards, Jay H

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