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Battery Drain

Phone running hot and needs multiple recharges in the day (I used to get through the whole day without charging). System tells me that mobile zone is the culprit. Any ideas how to resolve without complete removal? Thanks Andrew

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My son said the same thing. His phone runs out of battery on the bus home each day and it shows MZ usage as 60% of the battery.

Hi Andrew & Penny,

Thanks for contacting us regarding the issues you having with battery performance on your children's phones. I have noted some info below that I think you will both find useful.

I have noticed in the screenshot you have sent through to us, that quite a few things have been left on in the background, including Bluetooth and NFC. To help ensure battery life, please make sure your child is closing apps and turning off services when they are done with them.

Another option is the Family Zone box, a wireless access point you can install in your home that broadcasts a wireless network that is controlled and filtered based of your settings in your Family Zone account. When a device connects to the Family Zone network the Mobile Zone application turns off and is instead filtered through the box.

If you have further questions about battery life and the Mobile Zone application, please call us on 1300 398 326 and ask for Zac.

Kind Regards,

Zac Jones

Family Zone

Hmmm. Thanks Zac. So if I read between the lines, you acknowledge that Family Zone is a massive drain on the battery, and you recommend switching off other connectivity options on the phone in order to ease that drain. Or buy the box. Thanks
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