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Mac book family zone download not working

I am trying to download the mobile zone app on a MacBook Air and I receive this message in the attached image. “Apple cannot check it for malicious software” “This software needs to be updated contact the developer for more information” I have downloaded the software from the family zone website today assuming it is the latest. Can you help with which MacBook software I should be downloading?

Hi Mark,

Thanks for letting us know, I have outlined how to circumvent this below.

1. Click on the Apple icon in the top left-hand corner.

2. Select System Preferences

3. Select Security & Privacy

4. Make sure you are in the tab General

5. Down the bottom of the page, you will have a message saying the Mobile Zone Installer was blocked.

6. Click on Open Anyway and the Mobile Zone installer will start and begin the process of install.

Kind Regards,

Zac Jones

Family Zone

 Hi there,

We came across the same issue. We followed the instructions given above, but it seems to open a window and freeze - we just get a white window/screen with no date or even ability to close it down. Any thoughts?


Hi Larissa,

We haven't come across that issue before, can you try restarting the mac, trying the same process and let us know if you get the same white screen?

Hi there, Complete reboot and now the white screen doesn’t show, but nothing happens when I enter the password. It just sits there bouncing away in the corner.

Hi Larissa,

Does the family zone icon appear in the menu bar, in the top right corner of the macbook? If so, are you able to click on it and login?

Worked for us. Thanks

Hi Garreth, No, there is no Family Zone icon.


Hi Larissa,

Could you please try uninstalling Mobile Zone and re-downloading it from

Kind Regards.


Family Zone

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