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FZ One: individual app monitoring

We have recently purchased an FZOne phone. We previously relied heavily on Google Family Link to fill in the gaps that FZ couldn’t support, this is no longer possible. Please consider adding a feature to request the install of individual apps rather than the blanket all. Currently any Android app can be installed then the restrictions cut in after. The app is then left on the phone which takes up memory. If Family Zone is monitoring the activity of children, surely this should include what apps are being requested.
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Hi Sharnie,

Thank-you for providing us with that feedback. Being able to block/allow app installs would be a worth while feature to implement, accordingly, I have forwarded this to our development team as a feature request.

With Mobile Zone installed, you will be able to monitor app installs by disabling the App Store, although you will need to reactivate this when your children need to install an app. 

To do this you will need to:

  • Login to
  • Settings > Age profile controls
  • Select your child's age profile from the first drop-down 
  • Select Device features from the second drop-down
  • Toggle off Permit app installs

As always, we’re constantly looking to improve our platform and always appreciate quality feedback.  


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