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Schedule shared parenting change over

Hi, what do people do in the shared parenting situation to change control on a weekly basis? In my case we have a week on, week off agreement, so I would like to control the parent in charge based on a schedule or calendar. However I can't seem to find any way to do so. Thanks, Dan

Hi Dan,

To change your child's parenting situation you will need to go into the child's profile in your account and change the current parent that is administering them. Unfortunately there is no automated process for this, you will need to go into your account and do it manually.

Kind regards,

Zac J

Family Zone

Hi Zac, 

Can this please be raised as a feature request?

Ideally this should be done from the calendar, the same way that we schedule school and rest days. 

For now I will login each week and change it over. 

Do you have a REST API that I could call to automated this myself until there is a better way?

Thanks, Dan

Hi Dan,

I will add this as a feature request. Unfortunately, we don't have an API available to allow you to automate this change.


Katie B

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