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'Family zone does not have sufficient entitlements. Please upgrade your subscription.

I am getting the above message when I'm trying to install family zone on my daughter's phone. Her school provides us with a subscription, and she has been using family zone all year.. I'm not sure what to do.

Hi Rachel,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Your currently have two subscriptions with Family Zone.

The account linked to is an expired trial.

The account linked to is the full PLC subscription that has a full seven services to use.

If you sign in to Mobile Zone with the email it should work without issue

Hi, I have the same problem. Can anyone help me? Thanks?

Hi Vanessa,

I have had a look at your account and it looks like The Lakes College only provides a single license for each child that goes to the school, if you would like to install Mobile Zone on more devices you will need to upgrade to a full subscription plan through your portal. This can be done by clicking on your name in the top right-hand corner of your portal and then clicking subscriptions,this will take you to the Family Zone shop page where you can upgrade.\

Kind Regards,

Zac J

Family Zone

I have a subscription through ovo. I am getting this message on my son's phone please help?

Hi Carla,

Your OVO subscription only allows you to install Mobile Zone on 1 device. You currently have Mobile Zone already installed on "Carla's device". 

If you would like to install Mobile Zone on your son's phone instead you will first need to:

  • Login to the portal
  • Go to: Settings > Devices > Carla's device > Cancel Mobile Zone

Alternatively, if you need to install Mobile Zone onto more devices you can upgrade your subscription by clicking your name in the top right corner of the portal and selecting Subscription.


Terence C

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