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Device Management Profile downloads

When setting up my daughter's iPhone 6 with Mobile Zone, it is getting stuck at the "device management profile" download step.    It pops up an error window saying "Installation Incomplete.......please contact support".

It appears it is installing the app okay but just can't download the device management profile.

I have tried uninstalling and starting over a couple of times but no luck.  

I have already installed Mobile Zone on 2 iPad minis, 1 iPad and 1 iPhone 7 with no issues at all.

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Hi Kelvin,

When you reach the profile download step, I believe it instructs you to go to the device settings to install the profile, I have outlined instructions below on how to do this.

1. After downloading the profile go to the device settings of the iPhone.

2. Go to General.

3. Scroll down to the option that says Device Management, it may also be called Profiles.

4. Mobile zone Should be listed in here, tap on it.

5. Then tap on Install in the top right on the following page.

6. This will prompt you to run through the install of the profile, simply allow and trust the options and then open Mobile Zone as the end of installing the profile and it should show all steps completed.

If you still need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us for further help. 


Zac J

Customer Service Representative

Thanks Zac. All sorted now. Issue was that Safari had been disabled on m6 daughter’s phone. Once I had re-enabled it, all went smoothly. Cheers Kelvin

I am also having this same issue however when I follow the steps above I am unable to find the Device management or profiles option so cant get any further. 



Hi Angela,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Please make sure Safari is not restricted via screen time prior to activating Mobile Zone. For the profile to appear it must first be downloaded via Safari.

Please turn screen time off before going through Mobile Zone. You can turn back on after.

I hope this helps

Thanks sorted 

I turned off screen time and allowed safari but still having the same problem:  nothing showing up for device management or profiles under the Settings>general on iphone 6

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