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How to enable use of Fortnight

I would like to let my son play fortnight but it seems to be blocked. How do I enable it?

Hi Paul,

You can unblock Fortnite via the following steps:

1) Sign into Family Zone Portal (

2) Select settings - age profile controls

3) From the first drop down select your son's age

4) From the second drop down select "Social Networks and Games"

5) Click the time period icons to change the colour (red is block, blue is allowed)

How does a parent know what category an app falls into ?  This is the worng way round - there should be a way to search for an app name rather than have to guess which category it is controlled by.

Hi Rachel,

For video and music streaming apps, these can be found by going to the age profile controls and selecting Search and streaming media from the second drop down. If you cannot find the app listed there, it will fall under the Streaming media filter.

For games and social networking apps, these can be found by selecting Social networks and games from the second drop down. If the app you are looking for is not listed here, they will fall under Other Social or Other Games on the last page.

If the app is not used for gaming, social networking or streaming media, eg; eBay or PTV, they will usually have a website which is associated.

To block these apps you will need to search for the websites category by going to Insights > Website check.

For example, performing a website check on will return the category Sales.

To block this category you will need to select Web Categories from the second drop down in the age profile controls.

Alternatively, if you want to block eBay but not the whole sales category which may include other websites that you don't want to block, you can select Websites from the second drop down and manually block each website/app.


Terence C

My daughter has trouble sleeping, and I want to allow her to access 2 meditation and audio book apps ('calm' and 'audible') during sleep mode. How can I do this?



Hi Dave,

To allow the calm mediation app and downloads for audible you will need to add the URLs and to the websites section of the age profile controls, if you are unsure on how to do this, I have provided instructions below on how to do this.

You are able to add a custom rule for a specific website that belongs to a category you may not want to open up.

To add a custom rule for a website:

  1. Sign in to your online account through a web browser or open your Zone Manager app
  2. Click on Settings 
  3. Click on Internet filtering & rules (Age Profile Controls)
  4. Select an Age Profile from the first drop-down list
  5. Select Websites from the second drop-down list
  6. Type in the domain (e.g. into the text file
  7. Select which profile you’d like this rule applied to from the drop-down menu
    1. This profile only 
    2. All Profiles 
  8. Toggle between blocked (red) and allowed (blue) for the different access periods:
    1. Play 
    2. School 
    3. Study 
    4. Sleep 
  9. Click SAVE 

Read our help guide for a video and FAQs on How to: add a custom rule for a website or for more information our Content Filtering feature guide

Kind regards,

Zac Jones

Family Zone Support

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How do I allow my teen to access the fitbit app for synching? I cannot find this app in your filtering controls.

Fortnite is lagging and spoiling the game for my son

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