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TikTok Blocked

Hi there, I had TikTok blocked in the Social Media settings, and now I’ve gone back in to add it to allow for profile 13-15 and it’s not there.... can you tell me how to unblock it again?

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Hi Nicole,

TikTok has been moved to the Search and Streaming Media Section. If you go to Search and Streaming Media and scroll down to the apps listed under streaming media, you will find it there.


Zac J

Customer Service Representative

Hi, my daughter can not access Instagram she is between 13-15 can you please tell me how to activate this

Hi Jenny,

I have reviewed your account settings and the filter logs. 

I have unblocked Web Storage and Web Accounts this should fix the issue.

Instagram should now work when the child is in Play mode.

Please call us on 1300 398 326 if the issue persists

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