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YouTube - want to allow music on FZ One

My daughter can’t access the songs on YouTube she wants. They don’t have swear words or sex. She can get kids tv shows but not lyric vids. How can I allow her access to YouTube? Also I’ve been told the Alcatel 3 is discontinued. We’ve been trying to find tempered glass and phone case. Is it true?
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Hi Vicki,

Thank you for submitting this issue to our forum, unfortunately because of how YouTube Safe Search works, it is more of an all or nothing system when blocking content on YouTube. Meaning that you can't really restrict the mature content without restricting at least 90% of the content found on the website.

If you would like to unlock the videos your daughter would like to watch, I have outlined some instructions below:

1. Log into your account at

2. Click on Settings in the blue menu on the left hand side

3. Click on Age Profile Controls in the white drop down menu that appears

3 In the first tab, change the age profile from Kids(0-8) to match that of your own child's

4. In the second tab, change Web Categories to Search and Streaming Media

5. Click on the red circle for Play Time under the heading Mature and Uncategorised YouTube Content to turn it blue an unblock it

Regarding the FZ One: Yes it is being discontinued, but you will still receive support regarding Family Zone on the phone as well as support from Alcatel regarding any hardware issues. We do also sell phone overs for the phone, I have placed the shop link below. Unfortunately we do not sell tempered glass for the pghone, but I have also linked the Alcatel website if you would like to contact them about perhaps getting one.

Family Zone Shop: 



Zac J

Customer Service Representative

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