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Incorrect password for family zone box

I’m trying to connect my phone to the family zone box wifi but it’s telling me it’s an incorrect password. I’ve used the same password to start family zone. Then when I set up the family zone accounts I used the same password. When I tried to connect to the wifi it says incorrect password. Is there a different password I should be using? Regards Vicki

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Hi Vicky,

When you set up the box it will initially ask you set up a password for the network. This is not the password you need to use for setting up Mobile Zone on your child's phone, instead you will need to use your account password which will then take you to a page asking you to assign the device. The network password is only needed when you are trying to connect to your network via WiFi.

If you are having any more issues please call our support staff on 1300 398 326 and they can help set thing up with you.


Zac J

Customer Service Representative

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