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Multiple profiles on my Mac

We have a Macbook that is used by parents and children. After speaking to your phone support people, it seems that FZ is installed across all users so now I (as parent) have lost access to lots of things I need.

This seems to be a serious flaw that is surely easily fixed. Either have separate "devices" for each user, or allow changes of user with PIN entry.

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Hi Peter,

Thanks for letting us know about the troubles you are having. Yes, Mobile Zone does get installed across all users on a device when installed, fortunately, this does not mean you have lost access. We do in fact have a method of changing user by PIN in the Mobile Zone App, I have outlined instructions below on how you can do that.

Change User in Mobile Zone Application:

- Log into the laptop

- Click on the Mobile Zone icon in the top right hand corner.

- Click on the blue button that says Request Change.

- This will open a safari window that will tell you if the device is filtered, and will allow the child to ask for an access change. There are two ways to change the user here.

- The first is to click on the blue button that says Borrow This Device, this will take you to a section where you can select a user to change to and asked to put in their pin. This will give access to another user.

- The second way is to click on the option at the bottom called Parent Options, this will ask you to put in your parent pin and take you to an options menu here you can also change the current user of the device.

If you are unsure of your PIN, or if you would like to give yourself and your daughter a pin, I have also outline how you can do that below.

- Log into your account at

- Click on Family on the left-hand side, then Click on Users.

- Click on the name of the user you want to give or change the pin.

- Click on Account

- From here you will be able to change the Quick Access Pin down the bottom of the page.

- Make sure you click Save after changing the pin


Zac J

Customer Service Representative

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