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Google Wifi Mesh

Hi, Our house is awful for WiFi and the signal is poor or not available in many parts. I have bought a Google WiFi Mesh Network to extend our signal. I have plugged the google WiFi into the Family Zone box and can connect all devices to the google WiFi network and have internet access through the Family Zone. The problem I have is that the Family Zone box only recognizes the google WiFi as being connected to it and so doesn’t recognize the individual kids devices. I therefore can not register the kids devices and use the functionality of the Family Zone. What do I need to do to allow the Family Zone recognize the devices connected to it via Google WiFi?

Hi David,

Sorry to hear about the issues you have been experiencing with the Home Zone Box. If it is not too late to return the Google WiFi Mesh, you will be able to extend the Home Zone Box with a standard Netgear WiFi extender (non D-series).

Alternatively, if you have a spare phone line port (pictured below) on the other side of the house, you can plug in a second Home Zone Box which will act as an extender.

To answer your other question, connecting a device that has DHCP enabled after the Home Zone Box is not possible.

Instead of connecting Google mesh into the FZ box, is it possible to plug the FZ box into one of the mesh points (I can’t remember if they are called routers or extenders or something else)? So the FZ box is positioned after the mesh point using your language. This is a more general question about  any mesh network (I’m using DLink Covr), I’m assuming that it is the same issue?

I realise that there will then be two networks (mesh and FZ) and the FZ will then be effectively plugged into a router rather than to the modem (NBN in my case).  Is that OK? If this is possible, does it then matter which of the mesh points the FZ box is plugged into?

Here is my attempt to illustrate the setup. 

NBN Box - Mesh Router 1 - FZ box

- Mesh 2

- Mesh 3

Hello David,

Google mesh towers present a problem with the Home Zone box in that they require DHCP to be enabled to allow them to communicate. Any device positioned after the Home Zone box that has DHCP enabled wont be able to register with us properly.


Jayden T

Customer Service Representative 

Thanks Jayden, That’s a shame I will need to remove the Family Zone Box, it is not powerful enough to broadcast around the house. I will relie on the VPN installed on the kids devices. Is this likely to change in the future or is it not something that will ever be compatible with the Family Zone Box? Thanks for your help. David.
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