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Shared laptop

I can see how it works with a mobile phone - the kids have a code to access and that makes it come up with age-appropriate content - but what about the laptop?   How does the laptop know which user it is?    I've bought the box and created profiles etc.  What do I need to install on my computer so I can input which person is using it? 

At the moment, the laptop is connected through the Family Zone wifi and it seems to have blocked my email so maybe it thinks I'm one of the kids. 

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Hi NN,

All devices must be registered to a specific user in your Family Zone Account who's rules they will follow. The code access you mentioned is called "Borrowing" the device from the primary user listed in Family Zone. At midnight, all Borrow's revert to the primary owner.
The laptops work in the same way. Each laptop will be assigned to a primary user. The borrow function can be enabled by clicking the Mobile Zone icon in the tray of the computer and select "Request a Change". If Mobile Zone is not installed then you can go to in any browser while the device is connected to the Home Zone box to complete the borrow.

I can also confirm that none of the devices in your account are assigned to an adult, this is likely blocking the access to email.

If you need help with any of the above, please call our support line or email us at


Katie B

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