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Mute annoying emails

Since the school has forced installation of Family Zone Mobile on my kids' laptops, I am getting a lot of email alerts annoying titled "URGENT: Something has happened to device xyz". Since this is neither URGENT, nor accurate (given they have been using their laptops during the reported time with filtering activated)***, the solution is crying wolf quite a lot. Before I block Family Zone's address as a spam source, has anyone found a way to mute these emails?

***Just a thought... Given the wording of the email i.e. "If this device has been online in the past 24 hours, then it looks like our filtering has been disabled and you'll need to download and re-install Mobile Zone on device xyz.", I have some concerns. If it so easy to circumvent Family Zone, it does feel like the safeguards are post hoc and back in the hands of the parents.

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Hi Francois,

Around the time this thread was created, our systems were sending out the 24 hour alert email when they should not have. This may explain why you were receiving these emails. This issue has since been rectified.

Are you still receiving such emails?

In regards the second part of your post, we have an alerts and consequences system in place to to combat malfeasance. This can be found in the portal by going to settings, age profile controls, alerts and consequences.


David B

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