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Oppo mobile installation

Hi, I'm trying to install mobile zone onto sons mobile OPPO F1S. Android 6.0. App install requires permission to exclude mobile zone from battery optimisation. MZ App says I should select battery optimisation>mobile zone> do not optimise. Oppo phone doesn't allow have these menu options. Has a screen called 'battery' - no 'battery optimisation' option. I can't complete this step as the mobile zone app requires, & it won't let me skip this step. Help please?

Hi Paul,

Every OPPO device is slightly different. However if you follow these steps, you should find where the edit these battery optimisation permissions:

1. Open the settings app

2. Go to battery

3. In here you should see a list of apps, or an option that you can tap on that will bring you to a list of apps

4.  Find Mobile Zone, and ensure any optimisation options are toggled off (we do not want Mobile Zone to be battery optimised, as this will switch it off to save energy)

5. Also check if low power mode is switched on - if so toggle it off


David B

I have carried out the suggested changes in Settings  but the app is still asking me to allow it to exclude MZ from battery optimisation and it wont let me progress in the installation.  Any suggestions. thanks

Hi Tanya,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Oppo devices can be tricky to get working with Mobile Zone.

Please call us on 1300 398 326 when you are free and have the device on hand.

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