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Device Management via Mobile Zone


I have a couple of queries regarding setting up Mobile Zone on my son's iPad2.

1) I had to choose 'always on' for the location setting when I was setting this up, is this normal?

2) The main page has a circle saying "Device Management".  If I press that it comes up with a bunch of "Available device features" which are all in green.  Does this mean they are all available to my son?  I wanted to be able to see which ones of these are switched on and which aren't.  The online help says to go to Cyber Safety via the online account.  I can't see how to get to Cyber Safety from the web interface.

All pretty unintuitive and frustrating.

The online Mobile Zone Guide is a one pager with very little information on it.

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Hi David,

1. Yes this is normal and required for the app to function correctly.

2. Yes, in the mobile zone app of the child's device you can see what's available, however you can not make changes. If they show as green, they are switched on.

If you wish to make changes, go to Then click settings on the left, followed by age profile controls. Browse through the different options (Web categories, device features, social networks and games etc) and then adjust the filtering as per your preferences


David B

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