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Impossible to add any devices

We have just sat through a very informative and interesting webinar. 

After the webinar I have been unable to install this software, mobilezone on any device. I have created the account on my desktop but cannot get it installed on any laptop or mobile device. Seems it is too complicated.

On my kids mobile devices it either wants them to create an itunes account (on an iphone) or a google account. We don't want the kids to have these accounts. So in order to limit their access to the internet we have increase their access.

Too hard.

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I have the same issue with my one. I have loaded the app, but registration keeps failing when I try and activate it on my sons phone? I paid good money for this, so thought it would be simple to use. Please advise??

Hi Michael,

Are you still having issues? I see you spoke to one of our agents recently. If you are still have issues, please let us know.


David B

Hi Tanya,

On what device are you having these issues, and what is the specific error you are seeing?

I would recommend a reinstatement of the app.

Please ensure you download the latest version of the app from the App Store or Play Store.

If you are still having issues however, I would suggest booking a call back with us here, so we can help you over the phone:


David B

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