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Allow WhatsApp block Instagram and Facebook

Hi, is there a way to allow WhatsApp but not IG and FB? We use WhatsApp for family group chats regularly including when our son is away from home. Thank you.

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These 3 sites/apps should be managed separately.  It used to be.  Why change it?  Please supply a solution asap.


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At this time, we can not distinguish between the three apps as they are owned by the same company who shares servers between them.

We are continually looking to improve customer experience and this will ideally be something we can allow parents to do in the future.


David B

This is quite unfortunate as I now have to remove family Zone from my sons phone to be able to use whatsapp.

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Hi Armand,

Sorry to hear this. If this limitation changes in the future we will be sure to keep our customers informed.



Hi Armand, you can set PLAY time and allow FB and Instagram and also whatsapp. But you need to amend it under the age profile control tab.. Then you can control the time they have whatsapp. I have the problem before. At first I try to use the borrow account function. Then I realised that If I borrow her or his machine, there will be no more tracking of what they are doing. So I fine tune each tabs or apps they can access. And control they PLAY time...She need to ask me for PLAY time and I approve her PLAY time. Only when she is at home we allow her to play with Whatsapp.

Hope this help.

We also need to be able to manage the three (or four if you include Messenger separately from FB.)  To have the kids be able to access all four platforms at once is too much. Going from nothing to all is far too much for them. I want to be able to let them learn a little at a time. I'd like to think my kid will abide by our spoken rules but she wouldn't be a kid if she didn't push boundaries.

Please have your IT gurus make this a priority.

Hi Marie,

We understand that this is a highly requested feature. We will notify our customers if the ability to filter the apps individually becomes available. The request for this has been passed on to our developers.


David B

Hi, has this changed or been updated by any chance? It would be so beneficial to be able to block Facebook & Instagram, though allow WhatsApp..

Hi Amber,

You can allow WhatsApp through the website section. I have outlined steps below as to how you can do this and why it needs to be done this way.

Allow WhatsApp:

1. Login to

2. Click on Settings on the left-hand side.

3. Click on Age Profile Controls.

4. Change the first tab at the top of he page to the correct age profile. Then change the second tab from web categories to Websites.

5. Click on the blue Add Website button.

6. In the empty bar at the top where it says 'Domain' enter (No need for www).

7. Select the times you would like the the app to be allowed using the buttons below, turning them blue for times your child should have access.

8. Click Save.

There you have it, this will unblock the WhatsApp application for your child. The reason it must be done this way is because since Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp all belong to the same company, all their data is kept on the same servers and can make it difficult for us to distinguish the web traffic of all three programs being different yet all being sent to the same place. Please note, that because of this, WhapsApp may sometimes fail to load/open, in which case either close & re-open the application, or turn airplane mode on the phone on/off once.

Kind Regards,

Zac J

Family Zone

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Hi Zac,

Great, thanks so much for the explanation! I've just tried it out so will see how it goes.

Many thanks,


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