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assign device wrong person

how do I change device assignment I accidently assigned the device to the wrong child?

Hi Christine,

If you go to your Portal > Settings > Devices and click on the device in question there will be an edit button for you to change any incorrect Name, Type, or Owner of the device.


Katie B

Customer Service Officer

Hi there I have this issue too. I have found the device as suggested through the portal but there is no ‘edit’ button displayed?! Please advise what to do?

Hi Matt,

The Edit button can be found after clicking into the device. Please see below as an example:

Kind regards,

David B

Consumer Support Agent 

Nope, no edit button


Hi Emma, 

Sam's iPhone is currently assigned to a user on a different Family Zone account which is preventing you from editing the device information on your account. 

You could remove the device from the other account and then add it to your account and assign it to a user that is on your account. 

If you would like help with this, please give us a call on 1300 398 326

Kind regards,

Calum M

Consumer Support Agent 

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