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Instagram not being blocked

Hi, my daughter is allowed instagram during playtime only. When she is not in playtime she is still receiving direct messages to her phone from instagram friends, she can't reply though. Also she is still able to read her feed, she just can't refresh it. Is there anything I can do to stop this? Also there are also times when she is using instagram during study time. It seems like her phone has not clicked over to studytime mode. If I open the app on my phone to check the mode that she is in, then it works. This should be automatic right? Thanks for your help.

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H Kara,

I believe one of our Customer Service Reps was working on this with you as an ongoing issue. We'd like to test this over the phone and see what might be happening. Can you please use the Support section of your Portal to pick a time and date that suit you when you will have both your and Hannah's devices to test with?


Katie B

Customer Service Officer

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