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Wifi and VPN not working


I have the Family Zone mobile app on my daughter's iPhone. On our home wifi, she's getting a message "VPN server not responding". After turning the phone off and on, her phone initially shows the wifi icon at top left of the screen but this disappears and she can't connect to the internet even though in settings it says it's successfully joined the wifi network.

My iPhone (which has FZ manager app as well as mobile app) shows both the VPN and wifi icons at top left of the screen and is connected to the web. 


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Hi Bernard,

I have had a look at your account and can see Mobile Filtering is turned off for Play which means the VPN will not turn on and no filtering will occur during this routine. Is this due to your troubleshooting or is this in error?Can you also confirm that you have uninstalled the app, restarted the device and then reinstalled the app with the same result?


Katie B

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