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GPS Trackers

I have installed Life 360 on my daughters phone but the location is not updating. The Life360 support advised us it may be due to restrictions with an VPN . Is it possible for GPS trackers to work with a mobile that is protected by Family zone.

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Hi Sharnie,

It is possible for us to allow this through. Can you please use the Support Section of Portal to schedule a callback at a time that suits you when you will have the device with you to troubleshoot?


Katie B

Can you add a solution here so the rest of us can add this as well.

Hi Matt,

We have requested what domains Life 360 use so we can show how to whitelist them. Unfortunately the only solution at the moment is to  unlock the following categories;

  • Required Web
  • IP Addresses
  • Apple Services (if an iPhone)

We'll update again if Life 360 come back to us.


Katie B

HI Katie B Has there been any update in relation to granting access to Life360, particularly on FZ One phone (Android), so that the tracker app works? Thanks

I would like to know about an update to this issue too, please.

Good news!

Today (17/01/2019) we are releasing a change to our categorisation system that will put Life360 into it's own category.  This means you will be able to allow (or block) Life 360 on it's own.

Steps to manage will be:

  1. Log into your online account
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Age Profile Controls
  4. Select the appropriate age profile from the left hand drop down
  5. Select Social networks and games from the right hand drop down
  6. Type "Life 360" into the search bar
  7. Block or allow in the appropriate time periods (red means blocked)

By default we will allow Life 360 in Play, School and Study but it will be blocked in Sleep for all age categories.

I have tried your suggestion however Life360 is not listed.


It's in the process of being released, if you could check tomorrow or later tonight.



still having problems and drama allowing access???

Hi Katrina,

Were you still having difficulties allowing access to life 360?

If you could give our support line a call on 1300 398 326, we'll be happy to assist with any queries you may have.


Terence C

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