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Usage/Activity Reports

Hi there.  

Is there a report that shows you how long your child has been on their device or on the internet on their device?  When I look at Usage on the FZ app or read the emailed report it shows a breakdown of the websites they've been on which is great, but I can't see anywhere that it shows the amount of time they've used doing that.  Am I missing something?  I'm aware that a time accumulation feature is being worked on (this is what I actually want!) but in the meantime I figured I could work around the lack of that by checking on the following day, the amount of time they've been online the previous day - if that makes sense!

Thanks Karen

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Hi Cathy,

Thanks for getting in touch. We do not currently have plans for this feature. But I will add it as a suggestion.

Thanks for the feedback.

Hi there,

Will you be adding to the report the amount of time online, I thought this would be a simple thing to do and widely used by parents, ie our rule is 2 hours per day but how do we track and/or limit that



Hi Danielle,

We currently don't measure time spent on line at all and only block or allow requests for internet content based on the current routine time and age profile settings.


Katie B

I notice that there have been many requests for activating a time limit and family zone has mentioned that this is a feature that you have been working on adding for many months from what I can see. If this is not possible, why does family zone not measure the time on line so that parents can limit it themselves based on the previous day (or week's activity). So for example I use a box at home to manage my son's fortnight use. I could manage this better if I could see how long he has been on it and set a number of hours he is permitted to be on each week. The failure to offer this is a major limitation for family zone and it's ability to help parents manage teenage screen use.

Hi Paul,

We don't track how long users are on the site for, only whether they are allowed access that site or app at that particular time and then deny or allow.


Katie B

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