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VPN not connected

I have previously added the family zone app on my daughters phone but every now and then I get an email saying her phone hasn’t been used in 24 hours. I have just reinstalled the app on her phone. But the VPN icon is not being displayed. And when in settings on her phone it says the VPN is disconnected. I know she has been trying to work around family zone. Has she succeeded with me realising? How can I fix this? Thanks

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Hi Andrea,

I can see that you have a box in your home. While connected to the box with Mobile Zone VPN won't turn on as the filtering is already being done by the box and there is no need for it. Can you confirm that this issue is happening when she is not connected to the box also?


Katie B

VPN not connecting while on mobile data?

Hi Preston,

I'm not sure what you mean by this question, I'll need a bit more information. Can I suggest that you email into with some more details and we can assist you in resolving this issue?


Katie B

Consumer Support

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