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NAT failure on PS4

Hi folks, We've recently switched our Playstation from connecting via Wifi through our isp's router to going via Ethernet cable through the Family Zone box. Since the change we've had problems with Fortnite loading and the Playstation Network test gives an error during it's NAT test. This is the description of the error: Please check that the firewall settings on your router or access point do not block UDP Ports 3478 and 3479. This is while we are in Play mode and Fortnite has been enabled for the age profile the ps4 is on. Any help would be much appreciated. Being without Fortnite is glorious for us but I get reminded of this problem hourly.... Many thanks, Nick

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I can add support to this. My son has a PS4 and is a Fortnite fan also. When connected to the Family Zone box, he has problems accessing friends lists, and audio connection problems. But his biggest complaint is the high ping times he sees in when playing. Occasionally there will be no issues, and it's very low, ~20ms. But normally it's around 300ms which he complains about a lot, but will regularly increase between 600ms and 1200ms which renders the game completely unplayable. 

Wondering if it was the internet connection, we switched back to the old WiFi, and there were consistently low ping times, again, around 20ms, so it does seem to be the box that is introducing the problem.

I've tried both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz networks, configured port forwarding for various ports from the modem to a static IP configured for the PS4, and assigning the Family zone box to a DMZ IP. No changes. 

Also tried changing the width of the wireless channels, and the frequency, trying to eliminate any interference from nearby WiFi. Again, no improvements.

I'm struggling to understand what could be causing the latency other than the family zone box itself. Could it be that its underpowered, and struggling when analyzing the traffic flowing through it? But Fortnite is not at all bandwidth heavy so unlikely.

Or perhaps a compatibility issue between PS4 hardware and the family zone box? I don't seem to have problems with other devices, but to be fair they are not quite so latency sensitive. I'm speculating at best. 

Looking forward to a solution because my son has been very willing to be placed under the restrictions of family zone, but when it makes his allotted time for play frustrating to use, it's difficult to justify the products value. 

I've contacted support about this, and they kindly called me, but of course, as when visiting a doctor, the symptoms weren't present at the time of the call. I'm happy to work with support to try and find a resolution, and provide any troubleshooting information I can.



Hi Nick,

We would like to arrange for some live troubleshooting on this issue. Can you use the Support section of Portal to Schedule a Callback for a time that suits you best and when you will be home to test the PS4?


Katie B

Hi Richard,

I believe we are currently looking into the box issues you are having in a ticket and will continue the troubleshooting with you there.


Katie B

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