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do school network Family Zone settings over-ride Family Zone (home-created) settings

Can anyone tell me if school family zone settings kick-in once my daughter arrives at school - and if so, do these over-ride the settings I have configured through the family zone portal (at home)?

 Hi Colette

It is my understanding from our school that school settings kick in once your child enters their wifi and likewise your settings supercede anything else at home.

Hi Colette,

Karen is right, the Schools Filtering settings will be applied if you have them listed as a safe network in your account. Otherwise the settings for the routine in place at that time will be applied. If the Safe WiFi is in place then your filtering settings won't apply.


Katie B

Hi Katie

Does the data collection and tracking record the same way while my child is at school and using the school's Safe WiFi? I still want to be able to see what he is doing during class time.


Hi Bernadette,

You will be able to see the information if it is not a Safe WiFi. The safe WiFi function turns off our filtering and means we don't track them for that time period as our filtering is not in place.


Katie B

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