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School nights

Hi, I find the school day / rest day routine too simplistic. Friday is a school day but not a school night. My kids stay up later Friday nights. Equally Sunday is not a school day but is a school night. My kids go to bed early Sunday nights. Can you update the routines to be each day rather than just school days and rest days?

Hi Graham,

Yes, this is something you can do. This feature is in My Family > Select Profile > Calendar. Here you can change a day to have different routines from the normal and also make it apply to all days like this by clicking itthe change again after you've made it and selecting "All Fridays".


Katie B

To try and help here, as I found this confusing...on the day in question (e.g. the Friday), once you've turned the times you want to be Play, click on one of the Play icons you just added again, and you'll get the option for "All Fridays".

And actually to be really clear, you have to click on every 15m block you changed to Play and select "All Fridays".  It's very clunky I'm afraid.

Hi Justin,

Thanks for contacting us.

You only have to click on one spot you have edited and select All Fridays for the entire edited Routine to apply.

Oh wow, there's 15 minutes I'm never getting back!  I wish that was more obvious, I took the time to click on every change and select All Fridays...for all 3 kids!

Hi Justin,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I am glad the issue is sorted. I have passed along your feedback that we may need to make feature more clear.

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