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youtube - mature and uncategorised block

When Turn ON the restrict mature and uncategorised, it blocks not only mature content but also uncategorised that are safe.
I know why you might want to block  uncategorised, but wouldn't it be better to separate out those two options

aka the ability tp block 'mature' but not uncategorised.

As it stands the feature block a lot of videos that the video produces had failed to simply categorize

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we have the same issue!

Hi Jon,

This is not something we currently have the ability to do but I will add it to the feedback lists we keep for our developers to look at for future implementation.


Katie B

YES!!! This is a huge issue for us now as our kids have to refer to YouTube videos for school and I need them for work. But we don't want our kids to have access to mature content. What is the current workaround for this situation. It's pretty urgent my end to have a resolution. 

Hi Michael,

Unfortunately, we do not currently have a workaround for this. If you wish for your child to have access to the content that would usually be blocked by the Mature and Uncategorised Content button, you will need to allow Mature Content.

The reason for this is due to the way YouTube moderates its videos, only a small portion of videos have been watched by their moderation staff and deemed safe and given a category. As such a much larger portion of videos have not been watched and deemed a category, making the issue not about mature content, but more about the fact that many of the videos that people of all ages watch are mostly uncategorised so we can not filter them properly. Until more videos are properly categorised by YouTube, I am afraid this feature request will still be some time away.

I hope this has answered your question and given you a better understanding of why this works the way it does.


Zac J

Family Zone

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