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One parent does not want to recived usage emai

I want my husband to be able to grant permission to make quick changes when requested by the kids however he doesn't want to receive any usage emails or any other emails except request from the kids. Is there a way to do this? Also, since making him a parent, I have stopped receiving emails and they have been going straight to him. I have had a look through the site but I can't see anywhere that I can change it. Thanks! 

Hi Katrina,

Thanks for your question.

Your husband can turn off weekly reports via the Portal Go to Cyber Safety > Settings > Change 'Report Settings' from it's Weekly to Never.

Do the reverse for yours and you should get and not get the weekly usage reports as desired.



Thanks Katie.

Ive done that now thanks. Is there a way to stop him getting the quick change requests from the kids? As soon as I added him, he started getting all the requests from the kids and I dont get any? Id like for him to have his own pin so that he can easily change them if I am not home, but he doesnt want to receive the emails. Is this possible?

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