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My modem has internet, but family zone doesn’t

I recently went to turn my family zone box on and off, and when I went to do that, the internet could not connect back. My modem still worked, but as for my “box” no connection whatsoever.

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Hi Mav,

I cannot currently see any box under your account which is listed on our side as 'pending activation'. Could you please log in and check this is correct or email our support team with a different email address you use to login so we can further check this issue?



I have the same problem

Hi Peter,

I can see your box is currently active. Are you still having these issues?

If so, I would suggest a factory reset of the box.

You will not lose any settings as they are stored on the portal.


David B

Hello I have this problem too. I have reset the box and still my children cant connect to Family Zone. We have recently installed broadband and this modems wifi works fine. The WAN is connected correctly from modem to box but still no connection. Childrens devices just say Obtaining IP Address. 

Hi Jason,

The Home Zone should be connected from it's WAN (blue) port, to a free LAN port in your modem. It sounds like it may be connected to the WAN port on your modem which is likely why it isn't getting an IP address.

Can you confirm that it is going from the LAN port in your modem to the WAN port in the Home Zone?


Katie B

Consumer Support

Thank you Katie 

I do have it correct now and all is working. 

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