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Kids accessing internet despite being in sleep mode

I blocked two of my kids internet access. I put them into sleep mode for the entire day thinking they would not be able to access the internet. Despite this they are able to access the internet. How have they done this?

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Hi Anastasia,

I've check both L and W's profiles. Both have Snapchat allowed in Playtime and both have a significant amount of Playtime set during their rest days which would allow them to Snapchat during this time. Can I confirm whether you mean that you set their profile to Sleep or Rest?

For clarifiction;

Rest Day (Day type): Weekend day with a more relaxed schedule made of usually Sleep and Play times only.

Sleep (Routine type): A routine in which by default, no internet content is allowed


Katie B

Hi team, my kids can still access YouTube via the app when I do a quick change from play to sleep and probably when the routine is in sleep mode. It seems the YouTube app isn't filtered. Please help.

Hi Mark,

We may need to do some live troubleshooting over the phone to determine the issue.

If you could give our support line a call on 1300 398 326 or book call back with us by clicking here, one of our support staff will be happy to assist.


Terence C

My child is downloading content for Netflix and you tube when access is available. Then when we restrict access ie sleep study she just watches the downloads. My question is Is it possible to turn off specific applications in sleep or study time. Such as Apple TV, netflix and you tube?

Hi Adam,

Currently we only prevent applications from connecting to the internet, we have no way of stopping them from opening and watching downloaded content offline.


Jayden T

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Hi, my 11 year old can still access internet after sleep time as long as she stays in the same browser I think

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