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Kids accessing internet despite being in sleep mode

I blocked two of my kids internet access. I put them into sleep mode for the entire day thinking they would not be able to access the internet. Despite this they are able to access the internet. How have they done this?

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Hi Carla,

I've had a look at your account and it seems like your trial has ended so you're currently not being filtered. You'll be able to resubscribe by going to your subscription page and checking out the $5.95 subscription.



Hi my child still seems to be able to watch Netflix and YouTube when it the play time is meant to switch to sleep. Is this right? I assumed it would cut off and stop working?

Hi Sarah,

If Netflix and YouTube is blocked during Play and Sleep time, then it should not be working. Could it also be a possibility that the content may have been downloaded or preloaded before the session started?

It would be worthwhile having a look at the routine to ensure it reflects the controls you have in place. 



My daughter is still accessing the internet! She says (& I don’t know if this is true because I’m very confused) that if she puts the iphone on aeroplane mode and then immediately turns the iPhone off & then on, it gives her extra time past the time I have set for sleep mode. She then uses this time at her leisure to access Snapchat. HELP!!
I tried to replicate this but it didn’t work. How is she doing it?

Hi Svetlana,

I haven't heard of this happening before, can I please get you to give us a call, or schedule a call back via this website for the best time when you have the device. I would like to go through this and see if we can replicate it.



My Child is up till midnight on his laptop while his access is set to sleep. how is this possible?

I ended up finding out that my daughter was lying! She had found out the password to the account and was extending her internet usage herself !! Also, I found out that with Skype, they have to log out of the account, otherwise they can continue to talk on it even if it’s on sleep mode.

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I am only fairly new to Family Zone, but have noticed that Youtube, whilst supposed to be blocked, continues to be accessible (I am guessing because it was open before the time for blocking ticked over.) Even refreshing the website (during sleep time), still allowed it through. Opening a new window did block it. thoughts???

I just installed the app on Android and Apple devices today. Tonight (10pm ) and all devices are still able to go online and do everything. Help please!

Hi Ange,

I can see some traffic for J that night but it has blocked most of it other than the blocked pages. Can you let me know what sites he was able to get to and what internet he was connected to?



My son continues to play Roblox after gaming time has ended. he says he can play indefinitely provided he doesn't log off?

Is this right?

Hi Andrew,

I believe this issue is related to the app not making new connection requests during play and there is nothing for us to block or allow. We are working on a fix for this issue but don't have an estimated time of delivery yet. Thanks for your patience.


Katie B

My son is constantly on Snapchat even after I've set his phone to rest. He said you can still message but you can't see the stories.

He's away at the moment and I've tested his phone by switching to rest mode all day. I've had no complaints that he can't access his phone which would NEVER happen. Wondering if he's worked out a way around the restrictions? 

Please help.


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